We are California-Licensed Midwives who specialize in home birth, water birth, breastfeeding support, and well-woman care. 

We offer our clients comprehensive and compassionate care through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, and beyond.  Informed choice and family-centered care are at the heart of all our interactions with you. We are available for our clients 24/7 by phone for urgent concerns, and available by phone or email during business hours for any concerns, throughout all of pregnancy and postpartum. 



We have offices in Oakland and Walnut Creek and serve the greater East Bay including the Tri-Valley area, Concord, Antioch, and Brentwood.

Schedule an initial interview to meet Mason and Melissa, learn more about our practice and how we can help you have the birth you desire . 


5730 Market St Oakland, CA 94608

1901 Olympic BLVD Ste 240  Walnut Creek, CA 94596

phone: (510) 333-8911
fax: (510) 336-6674  


Comprehensive and Compassionate Midwifery Care


Prenatal Care:

  • Initial interview to answer your questions about midwifery care and Nova Midwifery Services

  • Prenatal visits in our Oakland, Walnut Creek or Livermore locations on a schedule that is the standard in the local obstetric and midwifery communities, with extra visits as needed for any concerns, and a home visit in your third trimester

  • Support, referrals, and information in response to your physical and emotional experience of pregnancy

  • Information about optimizing the health of you and your baby through nutrition, rest, and stress reduction

  • Discussion of the full range of tests and treatments available in standard obstetric care. In our care, we present information about pros and cons of these, and you choose which suit you and your health needs.

  • Blood draws in our offices for any lab work that you choose; referrals for other chosen services such as ultrasound


Your baby's birth:

  • Attendance at your birth from the start of active labor through the immediate postpartum, including an assisting midwife for the delivery

  • Careful and respectful monitoring of both mom and baby's well-being

  • Waterbirth is an option that we support and are experienced in facilitating. We give referrals for tub rentals and encourage all our clients to have a tub available to them during labor for comfort.

  • Available newborn procedures are discussed in advance and your choices are verified with you at the time of birth


Postpartum care:

  • Breastfeeding support, including help with positioning, latch, and common initial challenges. Both Mason and Melissa are IBCLC board-certified lactation consultants, trained in managing challenges in the breastfeeding relationship, start to finish!

  • Postpartum visits in your home at approximately 24 hours and as needed through the first two weeks, with an average of 3-4 visits in that time span.

  • Postpartum visits in one of our offices at 2, 4, and 6 weeks postpartum.

  • Continued support through parenthood: referrals, information, and social visits as desired by our clients