Coming Home

Nova Midwifery

 A home holds the space for human connection, for the building and transformation of families.  It is no wonder that birth works so well here, it is where we can be most at ease but also our strongest. 

Perhaps it is the small things are what I've missed about being a home birth midwife... The older siblings that are putzing around the house during prenatal visits, offering to share their PB&J their mom made for lunch.  Or when it's time to wake the older kids, as if it were Christmas morning, to reveal their baby brother or sister.  Maybe it is something larger... How clients are truly at ease in their own home and how they are empowered by being in their element.  Or knowing I have been carefully interviewed and selected to be their midwife.  That overtime, we have built a relationship of trust that serves as a sturdy foundation to support their own strength and confidence to give birth.  Either way I've come to learn home (birth) is where my heart is.

Aside from the two lovely home births, 2017 was the first year I nearly exclusively practiced in a birth center setting.  I had the privilege to be part of a bustling birth center where I welcome more babies and cared for more families than any year before.   Despite being part of passionate team of midwives all working to expand the reach of midwifery care, I found myself seriously missing home birth practice.  

Just as my heart was aching for a return to home birth, Mason came into my life.  She did so in a very Mary Poppins sort of fashion.  It was as if I put a request out for the most ideal practice partner and she appeared with the same calm and steady nature.  The only thing different was that in her big ol’ bag she didn’t have a lamp, rather, a thriving midwifery practice looking for another midwife.  Straight away I was taken inspired by the clarity in her approach to midwifery and the compassion with which she practices.  The more we talked about our work the more it felt like we were cut from the same cloth - our practice and philosophy around birth is spot on.

I am thrilled to have found Mason and to be welcomed into her thriving practice.  My heart is beaming as I restock my trusty birth bag and we embark on this journey in home birth practice together.


Melissa WisemanComment