Mason Bay Area Midwife

Mason Cornelius, LM, CPM, IBCLC

Mason has been a Licensed Midwife since 2001 and has helped more than 800 babies into the world.  Her formal midwifery training was completed in a freestanding birth center over the course of two and a half years with an Obstetrician and a Certified Nurse Midwife culminating in her passing the California Challenge Exam through Seattle Midwifery School.

She then attended home births with various other community midwives and spent 18 months in the volunteer doula program at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center in Martinez before establishing Nova Midwifery Services in 2001. She holds a B.S. in Health Science from CSU Hayward with an emphasis on Women's Health.  In 2004, Mason served an internship with Shoshana Bennett, past president of PostPartum Support International, in order to better help women coping with postpartum depression and anxiety.

When she isn't helping mamas and families, she is raising her wonderful children, a teenage son and preteen daughter.


Melissa Rauch, LM, CPM, IBLCLC

Melissa believes in the dynamic process of birth.  By supporting wellness, upholding informed decision making and minimizing unnecessary interventions we can promote the safest and most satisfying outcomes for a new family.  She finds it essential to not just focus on a healthy baby, but a healthy mother and healthy family. 

It wasn’t until college that Melissa came to learn about midwifery and the important role it plays in women’s health and reproductive rights.  While finishing her undergraduate degree in Women and Gender Studies, she became a doula to low-income, single and teen parents in the Metro Detroit area and from this her dream of becoming a midwife was born.  She attended Birthingway College of Midwifery in Portland, OR.  Since graduating has worked in both birth center and home birth practice and has welcomed over 150 babies into the world.  When she is not caring for clients and attending births, she spends her time outdoors, running, hiking and camping or hunkered down with a good sewing project.

Melissa Rauch is a Certified Professional Midwife and Licensed in the state of California, IBCLC board certified lactation consultant, NARM approved preceptor and educator.  She holds current Neonatal Resuscitation and CPR certifications.